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I AM single, I really am. I think the past 12 months I have been in limbo, not sure what to call it. This thing we have we is comfortable and convenient, it certainly wasn’t a relationship. We had been in a relationship, although challenging it was a relationship and what’s been since then is the convenient sex and comfort that comes after a relationship. We go back to what we know, what we are sure of and what is familiar. I guess I was just used to him, but I did still love him. And was living in some kind of “hopeful” fantasyland.

Since working on my third eye couple weeks ago something was pulling on me to move past this situation, lumps in my Throat meant my throat chakra was blocked. I wanted more than this, I need someone I can sit with and plan with and visualise my future with. I knew deep down thats not what he wanted, so I had to find the courage to accept which is all about Third Eye, our reality wasn’t the same, he was very happy with this situation and I wanted more, something had to give. Its never an easy decision but you can be guaranteed its the right one. I knew eventually I would want more, I would find more clarity and I did. I had to really honour who I was even if he wasn’t, I had to love myself beyond comfort. Because nothing great comes from comfort, I couldn’t possibly be this human being who is willing to tolerate things and just wait and see?

No I AM a powerful soul, capable of creating this reality and if things are going the way I want, I have choice, I stay and complain, therefore making myself victim, or I change direction and love myself wholeheartedly and completely.
I don’t believe other people complete us, we are whole human beings not “halfs”. I think that seems to be the thing with most couples. But the question is you go in as a half, do you come out as quarter? Not every relationship gives you positives it gives you everything! Highs, lows, self realisations. Because we mirror and project who we are in relationships, we learn more about ourselves being in relations rather than not. So always find gratitude for every relationship because on that journey you tend to find yourself.

Here is a man that has shown me the woman I was supposed to be, he believed in me long before I believed in myself in many ways help me become the woman I AM today. He has always seen my true essence, my true light shining even in darkness, he has helped me overcome so many hurdles, I truly am grateful for what he gas given to me and of course quite saddened as to why we cant seem to just make it work. There is love there and I know he cares for me much, he just isn’t ready for a relationship. For whatever reason, I cant comment on the “why” . All I know and all that I AM sure of is that I AM. It’s hilarious because when he was I wasn’t sure and that confused things there, I know that’s because I didn’t fully know myself, I was unsure and uncertain of my own existence, I have now gone through some serious self development to become this woman, the only way is up.

Loving ourselves isn’t easy, but we must choose ourselves over everything, even if its going to cost us friendships, relationships, careers, money, material things. I have learned the hard way, I can’t go back and change the ways of my past, I can reflect, review and step boldly into an unknown future knowing “I got me” nobody got me like that, I have designed this new version of me. And she deserves the world and man who looks at her everyday like he just won the lottery.
Don’t settle for mediocre, don’t play small in any situation. Right now, I feel complete in knowledge that I have honoured myself in this situation, that I truly wasn’t happy so I did something about it.

Here’s a few things to look out for, to determine whether you have a future together.

1. He/She is committed to plans, makes plans, suggest plans, honours those plans and his/her word in regard to the plan.

2. They are open and honest in regards to their feelings towards you

3. They can talk /express themselves easily especially when it come to feelings.

4. They actively engage in meaningful conversations that promote a “presence”when you are together

5. They talk about a future with you

6. They are willing to see your perspective on life and accept you for who you are

7. They express their love for you and are happy to declare it to others

8. They show real interest in your life and what you are doing

9. They make effort to compliment you

10. They show gratitude and appreciation for you.

Here’s just a few, and its only my perspective but after many years of toxicity and failed relationships I have realised until you value yourself no one is going to value you.

So God/Goddess whatever you may don’t you dare shrink into a place of comfort. You deserve to live each day full of possibility and magic! Even if its only YOU who lights up your life.



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