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Balancing your Throat Chakra (Vishuddhi)

Throat Chakra

The circle of unity with all that is comes from within the triangle, indicating an increasing openness to spirit. The fifth chakra is the centre of communication. Communication is the means by which consciousness extends itself from one place to another. Communication connects everything, from the DNA in coded messages of living cells to the spoken or written word. The throat chakra is the centre for self expression, sound and vibration.
The essence of communication is creativity.This centre controls, creates, transmits and receives communication. You will find new friends who will be magnetically drawn to you as your energy changes. My own personal experience with dealing with this Chakra has lead me to shaving my hair off because I just wanted to feel liberated and I did! It lead me to ended feuds with friends, calling up old partners and saying sorry and making peace with my mum after so many years of destruction in our relationship. I am peace with myself, I am at peace with my friends and family and we have effective communication. I find I am definitely more responsive and that’s a big hurdle for me to overcome, during my dark depressive days, I often withdrew and shut people out.

The Colour blue radiates peace and calm, stillness and tranquility. As you evolve spiritually and continue your path of personal growth, you may find that you grow away from old friends and some fall away.

Colour : Blue

Opposite: Red

Element: Ether

Sense: Hearing

Note: G sharp

Endocrine Glands: The Thyroid

Essential Oils: Lavender, Chamomile, Geranium, Frankincense, Sandlewood, Cypress

Crystals: Turquoise, Aquamarine, Chrysola

Foods: Plum, Blueberries

Key Words: contented, centered, intuitive, communication, calmness, loyality, aspirations,gentleness, reliability

Balanced Energy:

When you throat chakra is balanced you will be centered, you will be creative, using various methods to express yourself. This could be letter writing, singing, public speaking, creativity art or photography. Personally I find peace in painting and I create photo albums in my spare time. I am not much of singer but I exercise my vocals chords where I can. I might even ask the Universe to be kinder to me in the next life, I always wanted a Mariah Carey voice.
It is the Throat chakra which gives us our voice to walk our talk. When this chakra is connected to root chakra you can truly love this life with purpose, you have a knowing that you are here to create a beautiful life and your root chakra supports you. Do what you love and the money will follow. You will feel able to confidently speak and you will know your voice will be heard. Self expression is key to a successful life. When the throat chakra is balanced you will interact effectively in your social groups. Social media connects people and even on my low days I find connecting with people whether it be online or in real life,  really can boost and support my mood.

We can all get a little frustrated with life so connecting with your throat chakra creates ways to channel sexual energy, some choose meditation, some choose bliss with celibacy, it’s all personal preference. Of course if you are in loving and committed relationship being open and honest with your feelings is the key to a lasting relationship.

Overactive Energy

When your throat chakra is over active it’s easy to come across as arrogant and self righteous, you will feel justified to tell others they are wrong and you will be too talkative with elements of aggression. I have experienced this many times especially when dealing with my son. For instance he will be ingrossed in something and completely be ignoring me, and of course I want to be heard, who wouldnt? he ignores me ( I know it’s not intentional) I get mad on this inside, but calmy I decided to approach it in a way that’s better communication than shouting or wanting to be heard, after all he is 7 and very much still learning alot about life. As adults we can be quite demanding about being heard and when we aren’t heard we can get aggressive. It’s important to get the right level of engagement, most people don’t respond well to aggression, it’s possible to get your point across without losing your cool. After all you don’t have to raise your voice to improve your argument.

Underactive Energy

An under active throat chakra you will be afraid to speak your truth and say what you mean, what you want or how you feel. You may just along with others to keep the peace, you don’t like arguments or confrontation. You may feel that you are yelling and screaming or shouting to be heard. It’s important we don’t hold onto anger. As the case with an overactive throat chakra you may be too talkative, not giving other’s a chance to speak. At times we can be unreliable and creative blocks are common, these can prevent you from achieving. Most often you will have difficulty expressing your thoughts, you can go very withdrawn, and will really find it a challenge to express yourself. It will be a difficult for you to relax and may be afraid of expressing yourself through sex. A healthy sexual relationship involves dialogue.


Ways to balance your Throat Chakra 

Be real, be who you are, do not live with any untruths. You should sing as often as you can, it’s all great vocal chord work. Remember you are author and creator of the book of your life, your voice is powerful and can be heard, you create a space for others to speak their truth. Get and involved and be a part of your local community’s. When I moved to Wandsworth I didn’t have any friends, but overcoming depression and finding my voice, I now feel a part of the community and I am grateful for the connections. Try to always speak with loving intentions, you are openly expressing yourself and your are being vocal with your feelings. Be comfortable with your truth and choosing your words with discernment so you can reflect that in your reality.

Be grateful for your Throat Chakra keeping you balanced and aligned with all your other chakras. This is the chakra of your truth. Your view on the world. Be proud of who you are.

Throat Chakra Blockages

Thyroid or hearing problems

Teeth or gum problems/disease 

Blocked by miscommunication and lies

Lack of purpose in life 

Unable to express themselves fully 

Fear of speaking the truth 

TMJ ( Temporomandibular joint ) 

Disorder of the jaw

Swollen glands in the Throat 

Neck problems 

Chronic Childhood Tonsillitis 

Ear infections

Thyroid Cancer 


Grave disease 

Chronic Sinus problems 

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