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The two triangles representing Heaven and Earth meet in the heart chakra to form the Star of David surrounded by twelve petaled lotus.The heart is the centre of the chakras.This centre is our core. It is the inner spirit that unites all other forces above and below.The sky and earth, Heaven and Earth, above and below.

The Heart chakra balances and integrates the realms of the mind and body, bringing a radiant sense of wholeness to the human being.Within this shortness lies inner peace.We have the realisation within our hearts that spirit and matter are integrated within us. The triangles represent the descent of the spirit into the body and the ascent of matter rising to meet the spirit.

The Star of David represents the awakening of spirituality, whilst being grounded on the Earthplane.The heart is the centre of compassion. The centre of unconditional love.The love experienced is no longer one based on need, sex or desire. Within the spiral energy as seen in the Reiki Cho Ku Rei symbol, the heart is the centre of that spiral.

The energy is that of radiating and receiving love. In the Heart chakra the ego is transcended, we are able to break away from the sense of self and unite with the infinite and the universal. Boundaries are transcended, in fact we come to realise that there are no boundaries. We are all connected. We are all connected to the sacred truth that we are all essentially the same energetic beings, all from the same source.

The heart is centre is your most vulnerable place. When you are hurt you build a wall around it. Your heart is the centre of your whole being. When your heart energy flows fully and freely you radiate love around you and your whole being is full.

The colour associated with the heart is green.
Green is the colour of healing.

The element associated with the Heart Chakra is air.

Air represents freedom, openness and lightness. Air also represents our breath, our life force our vital energy. When our heart chakras are open and balanced our being radiates love and joy.

Unconditional Love is the state of being which enables true healing to take place.

Colour : Green and Pink

Opposite: None needed as it balanced and centred.
Element: Air
Sense : Touch
Note : F Sharp
Endocrine Glands: The Thymus
Essential Oils: Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Neroli,Lavender, Melissa , Rose

Crystals: Adventurine, Jade, Rose Quartz
Foods: Cabbage, Brocolli, Green Apples, Celery, Herbs, Cucumber
Balanced Energy: 
A balanced heart chakra is Unconditional Love for all beings,a sense of connection and spiritual purpose is fulfilled. In touch with your feelings and emotions. Has the ability to give and receive. Open to changes and new ideas. Able to cope with loss and bereavement. Desire a oneness of mind, body and spirit in a relationship. Has a strong will power to wait for the right partner. Highest sexual goal is to experience bliss with their partner. A divine union of the spiritual, emotional and physical.

Overactive Energy:
Takes on others problems and emotions too much. Demanding and critical, possessive, moody, Martyr attitude ” I have sacrificed everything for you.” Conditional love, I’ll love you if…….” “If you loved me , you wouldn’t …..Etc etc

Underactive Energy: 
Fears about self and involvement with others. Grief and guilt not processed,discouragement , covetousness, ungrateful, repressed love, regret, envy, jealousy, feels sorry for themselves, indecisive, afraid of letting go, being free, getting hurt, being abandoned, feels unworthy of love, terrified of rejection, needs constant reassurance and can’t reach out for help.

Blockages in the Heart Chakra can lead to the following illness in our body Congestive Heart Failure, Heart attack , Mitral valve prolapse ,Chest pain , Arteriosclerosis, Peripheral Vascular insufficiency, Asthma, Shortness of breathe, Allergies, Lung Cancer, Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Emphysema, Breast Cancer and breast disorders such as mastitis or cysts. Immune system deficiencies .Circulation problems, tension or pain between the shoulder blades. Shoulders,arms and hand issues. Such as carpal tunnel. Apnea, Thymus issues and anti social behaviour.

Addictions: Soft drugs, Cigarettes
To keep your Heart Chakra balanced and active you can do the following ; Keep a faith box, journaling, write yourself a love letter, calling someone to say you love them just because. Looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself ” I love you.”

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