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I am super excited to becoming an consultant with Neal’s Yard. I trained as a Beauty Therapist 20 years ago and I so therefore you could kind of say I am an expert. I am very familiar with Aromatherapy and Beauty products and the Neal’s Yard range is Organic, Ethical and sustainable, I cannot wait to start sharing some of my expertise with you all, having been in the industry for so long. I really want to educating my clients and followers on how we can look and feel better , using plant power

When I was at college learning Beauty Therapy it made sense that I did the full two year program and learn massage and Aromatherapy because I was young enough and the education was free. I think now looking back I realise that it was such a good investment in my health and wellbeing to have this knowledge and to make a career out of doing the one thing that I love to do. I love to care for people and it’s the very reason I set up my mobile health and beauty company last year.
I have been putting most of my energy lately into focusing on Reiki, Aromatherapy and my online courses. I hope in the future I can venture into Yoga, Crystals and dive more into my psychic techniques. I have experienced depression and anxiety throughout my life and it’s been challenging.

Reiki truly paved the way for me to overcome my demons face them head on. I am not saying dark cloud won’t come but I feel very equipped to deal with these dark days now I have the tools. Aromatherapy plays a huge part in my life and use it with clients in my Reiki sessions plus recommend oils to clients who are working on my coaching programs.

I think where we now live in a world so controlled by technology it’s important to unplug, run a hot bath, drop a bath bomb, couple drops of Lavender and just clear your thoughts. Start the day with breathing in some Mandarin in the morning , use that diffuser at your workspace. Take a break outside of the office, ride a bike into work along the river. Take a run in the park early evening and catch the sunset. It’s these little moments that make us feel alive. Scent plays a massive part of our life and can really lift our moods. Taking care of ourselves isn’t selfish it’s necessary in a world that is so hell bent on making us busy doings rather than content beings.

I am guilty, I know how much time I spend on my phone and in front of screen but it’s so important to have balance in our lives. So I hope educating you on how awesome these products are can add value to your lives. These products make a difference to my life everyday and I look forward to sharing beauty tips , food ideas, bath bomb recipes, face masks, gift ideas and much more more.
I use Neal’s Yard Remedies in my everyday life , not just for me but for my family. My son has high energy so bathing with Essential oils and using them in a diffuser calms him down and helps him sleep. For the days where I super busy with work and need my mind clear I use my diffuser click here and a bit of “Optimism”it’s an aromatherapy blend to help me get through the day Click here to purchase.  It also really helps for days where you have low ebb or just need that extra oompf

Aromatherapy Blend – Optimism

Key action: Balancing

This blend of jasmine and grapefruit will bring renewed optimism and faith into your life when dark mental clouds appear for no reason.
Applications: Inhalation, Vaporisation.
Inhalation: Help clear the head and nose with 4-6 drops of essential oil added to a bowl of steaming water. Now place a towel over your head and lean over the bowl – creating a tent effect to trap the steam – and inhale the vapour for a few minutes.

: Essential oils make fantastic natural air fresheners, fragrancing a room as well as setting a mood. Simply add a few drops of your chosen essential oils to a vaporiser or burner – follow the instructions on the burner.

You can find out more about the products and buy the range here

I love love love all of these products I hope you enjoy them as much as I do

If you interested in being a consultant would love for you to be part of my team in improving people’s health. Drop me an email rebecca@nirvana-beautywithin.co.uk