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Its been my first blogpost since the Full Moon in November. You might be wondering whats been happening in my world….

Truth is so much, so so much!

Some I can’t share, not yet. But just like you I am human I felt the force of The New Moon in Scorpio and the Full Moon in Gemini and just like you I have been dealing with whatever cosmic energy has been thrown our way since Mercury went into retrograde . The New Moon in Sagittarius was the only time I felt kinda settled back into myself. I took pen to paper poured out my heart, got really fucking clear with what I want and I am now in execution mode!


I also have taken this time to honour some much needed rest so that I can serve my clients more and be the best version of myself. I also have to be willing to take my own advice, it would only be fair right? I am developing a webinar for you guys just to find out a little bit more about my programs, I have been accepting and working with new clients and working on some new programs for the new year. It never ends but I do miss sharing with you on the blog… so please except my apologies for my absence.

I recently took on a new client which I am helping her to conceive , it got me thinking about that all important Sacral Chakra and really what we are here to do. Of course my perspective of life is slightly higher and I cant help with feeling somewhat frustrated with the fact that I feel so helpless because I see people struggling everyday. I see miserable people, I feel the energy of others and I just want them to know


Of course its really easy for me to say and so in 2018 I really do hope I can do more to help people see the magic of life. To feel it, to experience it, to know it.


Thats it! Not rocket science of course because you are only here to create. How you create and what you create depends entirely on who you are. I am excited to see people actually get it, and over past few months I have successfully coached many women to a place where they feel more at peace in themselves , have more balance in their lives and feel more connected to themselves. I feel humbled, grateful and very proud of what these women have achieved. Another thing was that most of them didn’t realise it’s perfectly fine to be themselves in this life. In fact it would be a crime to be anything but yourself right?

I think it saddens me the most seeing people struggle in this life, that’s why in 2018 I am 100% committed to helping more women achieve BIG things in their life. Its a beautiful thing to wake up everyday to do the job you love and to experience this life fully.

I have many women who say” Rebecca I know I am here to be more and do more, I just don’t know where to start?” And this was the reason I created the course, the relationship with self will determine how far you can go in life. It’s the most important relationship you will ever have. It wasn’t until I really got to know myself that I was able to understand my potential and see it clearly and then from there create the life I wanted to live. Many people try to run before they walk, life isn’t a competition or a race and you certainly don’t have to rush to your grave.

I believe, in fact I know we can achieve everything we need to achieve powerfully but with grace and ease. There’s no need to fight to become who you already are, but what happens throughout your life is we get hurt, we get confused, we get lost, we put limits on ourselves we lack faith and we may have lost that connection to our spirit. The only thing that is real, its a beautiful thing to get this. It’s the only thing that matters, when you find this its like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Life suddenly starts to make sense, it starts to become a joy again, a pleasure.

I think if I could give one piece of sage advice to any human, it would be to stop seeking things outside of yourself for fulfilment, that includes relationships with others. We can easily look for others to feel good about ourselves and this is a form of attachment, all attachment will lead to suffering. I have learnt over the past year what it really means to know and love yourself and that means not wanting to be around people who don’t love you or value in the way you would yourself. Its stepping back, noticing boundaries, accepting what is and knowing what aligns with you. I have taken to deleting people from my life and including my social media.

I am going to share my top tips to thrive in 2018 on my final blogpost of 2017 New Years eve.

And don’t forget I am doing 12 days of Christmas podcasting , sharing with you more Royal Treats and preparing you for the year ahead

All the Love


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