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What does it really take to manifest your desires?

Energy flows where your attention goes…..

Everything is energy so when you raise your consciousness you raise the consciousness of your reality

Ta da!

You can powerfully and intentionally create your own reality

Thoughts become things!

When we match our vibration to the energy of which we desire we are able to attract it into our life. Its easy to become stuck on a low vibration and its easy to become frustrated with our current life situation.When I was able to shift my consciousness into a higher place I was able to manifest a million pounds. It happened very quickly… here’s how we can really focus on our desires and use our feelings to create the dream life we truly desire.

Do you wonder why some people are able to manifest really quickly into their lives and others take longer?

Because of the vibration of their own frequency

We live in an expanding universe FACT!

When we raise and expand our consciousness we raise our vibration we are then able to manifest things into our lives that match our vibration.

Ever wonder why you feel stuck?

Or why your dreams feel really, really, really far away from appearing in your reality?

Here’s the truth……..

It’s important to BE the energy of what you desire. You may of heard of BE x DO x Have its a formula I have been using and use on my coaching programs to get the women I coach big results in their lives.

When you are BEing who you need to be, for example aligning with your passions and purpose, following your creativity in which we discover in our Sacral Chakra and DOing what you need to be doing. We use the Solar Plexus chakra to give us the confidence and courage we need to succeed in this life.

Like taking BIG action you get the results and you HAVE your desired life. Whatever you want to manifest you must become with it.This could be a person,an experience,or a place,or a thing!

Things to consider when entering the world of manifesting, its a journey and it involves work, enjoying the process and a heap of gratitude can really go a long long way.

The universe can’t tell whats been manifested in this physical realm opposed to whats been manifested in ethereal (ether) spirit realm.

We are taught to believe seeing is believing when in fact you must see it to believe, we use our Third Eye Chakra to help us get there.

We resist and try to control everything when really we should be trusting, leaning and letting go constantly.

Surrendering is the most powerful tool when manifesting

Ask yourself how you feel and how you want to feel?

What conversations are you having with self?

I can assure you that you can feel the same with a million pounds in your bank account as you do with one pound. Energetically no difference. You can feel the same before you have the dream life and after, truth is. You want to feel the same because if its ego based it wont ever happen or last. Don’t put your happiness in a future space, choose happiness NOW!

People try to manifest based on I will feel good when I have XYZ… when truly you wanna be feeling that now to attract more of that feeling.

We can never manifest from a place of lack (Sorry)

Be joyful, choose happiness and stay in the present moment always. Keeping your dreams alive with gratitude.

The universe is always responding to you, so connect with that and know if you feel lack you will attract more lack. Doubt, worry and fear often block our blessings and keep us limited and stuck! You live in a YES universe that is responding to you.

BE Healthy

BE Wealthy

BE Inspired

And most importantly BE the energy you want to attract

Feeling the feelings and dare to desire and you will manifest a life you will love

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Wishing you a wonderful weekend full of love and possibility


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