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Full Moon in Taurus November 4th 

November 4th we will have a Full Moon in Taurus! If you are a Taurus of course you will feel the effects more, but we will all be feeling it and here is how.

Taurus is Earth sign , grounded, strong connection to the material aspects of life. 

They are genuinely more concerned with themselves than others (tbh we can all learn a thing or two from a Taurus) They seek themselves, they self nuture often as a way of creating balance in their lives, but also as a survival mechanism.

The past few days prior to this moon I have been feeling the need to let go, complete move on and it is the season for the letting the dead things go afterall.

Three key things to focus on during this Full Moon 


Speaking your truth is a must, you must learn to open and balance your Throat Chakra. You may feel the need to complete on certain relationships or have conversations with people you have been avoiding.We we feel a strong urge to cleanse our homes, our closets, our social media accounts. Evaluating our friendships, looking at where we give our time. This creates a space to allow more deeper meaningful authentic connections that will serve us more in the long run. Don’t be shy or scared to say No and remove the toxicity in your life.  You will be more attuned to your true self , the real you “ “The Essence “ the past few days I have been on a real high feeling really connected to all that exists in this ever expanding universe . I have also had a strong desire just to be aware of what’s around me, always checking in with what aligns with me. Now is a good time to check your environment, where is there arguments, frustration, aggression, manipulation. You will have a strong desire to be authentic and be around authenticity. I tend to indulge now and then ( now and then because I am finally achieving more balance in my life, which is huge I mean I am a Libra 😂👍🏽) Taurus energy is fiery, indulgent and sensual ( I say roll with it 🤷🏼‍♀️) use the time to explore in things you wouldn’t normally do.


Normally on a Full Moon I cleanse my house, declutter, organise material possessions ( I currently have a cupboard full of stuff waiting to go to charity) I often look as clearing as a good way to allow for manifesting work. Decluttering is so important and great for keeping your environment in high vibes. I found some old photos the other day and some of the people I no longer have in my life, finally removing them from my home felt good. Subconsciously we can hold onto things, this is a great opportunity to release everything to this Full Moon. I also found a pair of earrings that were given to me by ex boyfriend, I was actually delighted. So using this time to organise may bring you old and new discoveries. Under the light of the Full Moon we set the scene for intentions, manifestations, and releasing/cleansing. I usually enjoy an aromatherapy bath with oils ( especially Rose ) and I do a Full Moon ritual.


We all know that the sign of the bull is stubborn and this stubbornness can cause havoc. We notice we become more stubborn under the influence of this moon. If you are noticing you are, now is the time to learn and shift and move into a higher state of consciousness. I think of all the times I have been stubborn over the years and in the end I only suffered. Say sorry, forgive, really let it go because you are only blocking potential blessings because of your pride. Limiting thinking results in a limited life. A lot of inner work is required and patience, unlearning and total dedication to take your life in a new direction. When you drop the desire to be right all the time you can actually grow and learn. We mustn’t let the ego get in the way of our potential, it will if we allow it control every area of our lives.

I feel a strong urge to surrender to this Full Moon, to release everything that longer serves me. To forgive myself and my past, and open my heart to receive all that this life has to offer. Stay connect to your Divine Consciousness at all times, you are infinite Goddess ✨

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Blessed be

Go forth with good faith my friends

All the Love

Happy Sahmain 

Happy Halloween 🎃👻
It’s the season after all. The world is changing. Half the world is embracing spring whilst the other half goes into fall.I must say, fall for me is a beautiful time of year. Of course I am a biased October born lady, it’s Libra season after all and as the leaves fall and the air changes, in Paganism and all things Wicca it’s Sahmain!

I haven’t been practising long but Wicca to me is like coming home to a place I don’t remember but it feels good. I bought my first proper Witch kit earlier in the month, I have been experimenting and thats the fun thing about the craft its your craft there is no right or wrong way to witch! Samhain is a farewell celebration-it is a time to look back over the year and review all that has happened. So I decided to take a look at the blog over the past year, whats been written, whats been progressing, what have I been holding onto. Admittedly I held onto a relationship with a man longer than I should of. It’s not easy letting go of the people you love and I did and will always love him. I ended a 10 year friendship which for me was harder than the relationship, but often you get comfortable in relationships or you just outgrow them, for me the latter. My main focus this time last year was to write my autobiography and I did, so a huge sense of achievement. I am now working on another book.

This is a time to remember the good times, the memories that have been made, what made you laugh and smile as well as the lessons learned from sadness and disappointment.Now is the time to go within, to know yourself. We have the power to self transform and we have the power to be the best version of ourselves for ourselves, this transformation will affect your reality. 

Often at Samhain, groups perform the Spiral Dance, symbolizing the movement from death to rebirth. I am going to do my first ever Sahmain ritual with all my herbs and oils , I would love to share with you. For those of you who are interested in contacting the spirit of a deceased and you aren’t too sure how to proceed, cast a circle, sit in it alone and just focus your mind on who you want to contact.
If you want to use objects to help you you can use a crystal, wand or amulet. I would suggest having a solitary candle lit, to welcome your loved one. If you wish to contact the spirit of a deceased relative on Samhain and are not sure how to proceed, it is suggested that you simply cast a circle, sit in it alone and begin to focus your mind on the one whom you wish to contact. If you like, you may have some object with you to help you project or focus your energy, such as a crystal, a wand or an amulet. Also, have one solitary candle lit, to guide your loved one’s way. You can align yourself with the direction of the dead ( according to tradition this is west or north) you can also face whatever way feels right for you and what comes most naturally( create your own way)
It would be wise to cleanse the space with sage and keep your thoughts in a meditative state concentrate on the face of the person you want to connect with.Visualise a white-gold beam streaming down towards you just outside your circle. This is the light that is reflecting and opening of the veil, this is when you may feel a presence ( it would be personal choice to keep eyes open or closed). Of course you may not actually see anything ( I have never seen spirits but do feel their presence often) there are few that are gifted to enough to hear or see. When you do feel them near you can communicate, often people die unexpectedly, this is a good opportunity to contact say some words and even get closure. You may or may not feel anything but like when I tell clients that I do Reiki on energy doesn’t die it just transmutes your loved ones are still out there in the Ether , otherwise they are back here as human. We never truly know. 

Because Spirit energy never remains long on the earthly plane and soon you will feel the presence fading, Allow it to go. When you are sure it has gone, visualise closing down white gold light, which will shut down the portal and protect you from any unwanted entities coming in. Close your circle and place the candle near a window to guide your relative along their way.

Symbolism of Samhain:
Third Harvest, the Dark Mysteries, Rebirth through Death

Symbols of Samhain:
Gourds, Apples, Black Cats, Jack-O-Lanterns, Besoms.

Herbs of Samhain:
Mugwort, Allspice, Broom, Catnip, Deadly Nightshade, Mandrake, Oak leaves, Sage and Straw. 

Foods of Samhain:
Turnips, Apples, Gourds, Nuts, Mulled Wines, Beef, Pork, Poultry.

Colors of Samhain:
Black, Orange, White, Silver, Gold.
Stones of Samhain:
All Black Stones, preferably jet or obsidian.
Traditional Foods:
Apples, Pears, Pomegranates, All Grains, Pumpkin-pie, Hazelnuts, Cakes for the dead, Corn, Cranberry muffins and breads, Ale, Cider, Herbal teas (especially Mugwort) and Meat unless vegetarian and then tofu will do.
Calendula, Cosmos, Chrysanthemum, Wormwood, Hazel, Thistle. 

Mint, Heliotrope, Nutmeg, Sage or Floral’s. 

Woods and Herbs Burned
Apple, Heliotrope, Mint, Nutmeg, Sage. 

Sacred Gemstone: Aquamarine

I wrote you a short spell ✨🔮

Its all Hallows Eve

Time to let the dead things go

That don’t serve you anymore 

Or didn’t you know

The past has gone

If you want we can sing a song

It can’t hurt you anymore

You are here, you are safe

You can’t tell me what I know 

I know deep inside

The divine is my guide

Each step that I take

I get closer to my path

The one that I chose 

Before I came here

Oh yes I know you may laugh

But it is written in the stars

I have a head full of dreams

Didn’t you know nothing is what it seems

From this day forward create from a space of love , from this space, know you are enough

I choose this day to release all my fear

I choose this day to acknowledge I am here

And that being all said and done, give thanks my friends, your time has just begun.

Happy Sahmain 

All the love

New Moon in Libra

Feeeeeling it!

New Moon in Libra today the October 19th 

This New Moon will be causing you to rethink who you are in your relationships and where you need more balance in your lives. The Libran is directly linked to the Heart Chakra which is timely because part of my challenge is to connect to that today. 

Balance is everything 

The part of me that I love is that as a Libran I am very good at restoring balance and part of my job as a coach is to do that in the women’s lives that I coach. This New Moon energy is calling you to find where you might be needing more balance in your everyday lives, but also to find more balance within yourself, a mind, body and spirit. 

We truly need to understand ourselves fully and attune to our true selves. So we can live this life with our full potential. I truly believe we were all put on this earth for a great purpose.We need to know ourselves heart and mind to succeed.It is so easy to get caught up in other people’s illusions, and what I mean is that we are all individually creating our own realities and with that being said, no wrong way or right way, just your way.

The road less travelled by, the path not many take is the one that leads to Nirvana. I should know it was this brave step towards freedom which led me here, writing and sharing my views with you all. Use this New Moon to open up your heart and focus on your desires. Lean more into that than your mind, because the mental processes can leave you enslaved. I should know, nothing more limiting than your own negative thoughts.
All that you are seeking is seeking you

When we open up our hearts we are guided, intuitively towards our own wisdom. Remember you have always known the way, you just chose to follow someone else. Follow your heart, for your heart knows the way, it has always known, I pray you find your way. 

This new moon energy will cause you to focus on where you give your energy. I remember the last Lunar event in Libra, which was the Full Moon in April, caused me to rethink a long term relationship and how it was serving me. You too with this New Moon may be forced to think long and hard at your relationships. Particularly if someone has been draining of your energy and claiming back your power in the Solar Plexus chakra. This New Moon may even force you to create more balance, don’t be afraid to say no sometimes. 

The flipside is if you have been limiting yourself, putting things off, or struggling with commitment then use this New Moon to guide you to make some important decisions around action taking. Your inner world must match your outer world. If there is chaos, you must be the one to bring order. Only you have the power to change and transform your energy and your environment.Pay attention first to the things that need to be done immediately to restore balance the rest will fall into place. 

Grow through what you go through 

New Moons as with any cosmic event can cause us to feel a bit off in our energy. If you are feeling scattered in your energy, or super high or low, its an indication that things need to get back in alignment. Approach yourself with care always, doing one step at a time.From my own personal experience and having suffered with depression and anxiety for many years, I recommend baby steps and progress, even if its slow it is better than nothing, any action is better than wishful thinking. 

I am excited for this New Moon energy I truly feel its presence, there is a lot of potential is lurking in the air. Libra not only brings balance it also brings compassion and is deducted to serving others ( go figure) Empathy has to be huge in my world, and I definitely feel like we can do with having so much more of it. But we have to be mindful, think about where you give to often and put yourself on a back burner to serve others, we need to establish healthy boundaries when it comes to our relationships. 

Keep dreaming the dream and keep believing in yourself because what you think will eventually become you and your life.

I am super excited to invite you into my Queendom.Those of you on my challenge this week have been having so much fun but I know there are some of you wanting to take your life to the next level.

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I will be announcing something really exciting for my Queens in the next week. 

Here is your New Moon Ritual

All the love 

The Wild Awakened Woman 


It feels to good to free, to be me. 


Why did it take so long?
Why was I so afraid?

It took me a long time to realise my potential but not only that it took me a long time. It took me a hell of a lot of unnecessary darkness. I have had now several awakenings, all life changing, transformational and in my mind so necessary, however uncomfortable and ugly they were at the time. So bloody necessary for the evolution of my soul.

I am not afraid, no longer hiding in my shadows because I am aware I am creating this reality, the soul realisation fully came about three years ago whilst I was staring at the moon one night. It was like the moon was connecting and communicating with me and in that moment I became alive. I decided in that moment that things could go my way and that I wanted to feel that way for as long as possible. It was the day everything changed for me. 

In that moment, those few seconds of self reflection and self realisation I felt within the depth of my core that I could be and should want to be the best version of myself, not only to me but to the world. Because the world needs me to be me. So many women I have admired over years because they showed up as themselves and that was inspiring, I wanted to be that person not just for me, but to be a possibility for someone else.


To know ourselves and truly, like to the depth of my fucking core is to live free. I wake up everyday,like it’s a new day a new possibilities to live this life on my terms, I also know what its like to live in the shadows of your own existence. I lived that way for so long. It was tragic and tiring to be constantly people pleasing, to be worrying only about what the world wants you to be and not to be aligning with your true self. 


Unfortunately no matter what we do we will be judged, no matter how hard we try to please there will be some people who are never satisfied, I found this out with my own mother. I found for many years she was comparing me to other children, she was comparing herself to other women and in because of the behaviour she was displaying, I grew up a woman who was constantly comparing herself to other women. 
When I say it finally feels free to feel good 


My only hope is that more women will love themselves to the point of feeling free. Truly free and that they get to live out their lives wild and awakened to the possibilities life has to offer

I accidentally fell into coaching, but its always been my calling to hold a space for others, sometimes to my own detriment and thats why boundaries are so important. It’s something we dig deep into on my coaching programs, the shifts you make when you honour yourself are out of this world and I am always blown away with the results when the realisation kicks in. 
When I first started to say NO everything changed, when I started to take back my power, I started to feel more confident and more in charge with who I was and who I wanted to be in the world. I started to claim my birthright to exist , to feel free,to be me. 

I spent my early twenties in church, I was depressed, anxious, addicted to drugs and alcohol, desperate for love and so unaware of my true beauty. I only saw flesh, even in church I was looking to pick up men. The unconscious mind was like yes I will find my knight in shining armour here, I will find him and I will be happy

Some 16 years on and grateful for the knowledge I have of myself but this hasn’t been easy. I know it’s not easy, self love is one of the hardest things I have had to do. To look in the mirror and say “ I LOVE YOU!” In fact everyday I look in the mirror and tell myself I am badass and I genuinely feel it. I hope I can spread my light far and wide into the world so that more women get to feel this way. Because truly we are worthy, it breaks my heart to see women living in the shadows. This is why I write, I speak and I share



Although I am totally in love with my life, it has taken me a long long time to say that with confidence and to actually mean it. Like to feel it even because for so long it was dark and lonely and self loathing and looking for validation and it became so yuck! I was constantly looking outside of myself for validation and oh how I wish I could just get a time machine and tell myself “ You fucking awesome, stop doubting yourself “ 

The world will pull you in every direction and you will want to go where its popular, trendy, you might want to act or dress a certain way just to “fit in” Please don’t, I promise the magic you have inside you is good enough 

I made a decision by the moon one night to be my truth to be my truth. For my way to be the way that will set me free. I choose wisely that night. I hope many other women will join me on that path. 

I am running a 7 day Queendom challenge for my Queens , we kick off on Monday 16th October click here for more info.
All my love

When its done ,its done. How to determine when a relationship is really over?

I AM single, I really am. I think the past 12 months I have been in limbo, not sure what to call it. This thing we have we is comfortable and convenient, it certainly wasn’t a relationship. We had been in a relationship, although challenging it was a relationship and what’s been since then is the convenient sex and comfort that comes after a relationship. We go back to what we know, what we are sure of and what is familiar. I guess I was just used to him, but I did still love him. And was living in some kind of “hopeful” fantasyland.

Since working on my third eye couple weeks ago something was pulling on me to move past this situation, lumps in my Throat meant my throat chakra was blocked. I wanted more than this, I need someone I can sit with and plan with and visualise my future with. I knew deep down thats not what he wanted, so I had to find the courage to accept which is all about Third Eye, our reality wasn’t the same, he was very happy with this situation and I wanted more, something had to give. Its never an easy decision but you can be guaranteed its the right one. I knew eventually I would want more, I would find more clarity and I did. I had to really honour who I was even if he wasn’t, I had to love myself beyond comfort. Because nothing great comes from comfort, I couldn’t possibly be this human being who is willing to tolerate things and just wait and see?

No I AM a powerful soul, capable of creating this reality and if things are going the way I want, I have choice, I stay and complain, therefore making myself victim, or I change direction and love myself wholeheartedly and completely. 
I don’t believe other people complete us, we are whole human beings not “halfs”. I think that seems to be the thing with most couples. But the question is you go in as a half, do you come out as quarter? Not every relationship gives you positives it gives you everything! Highs, lows, self realisations. Because we mirror and project who we are in relationships, we learn more about ourselves being in relations rather than not. So always find gratitude for every relationship because on that journey you tend to find yourself.

Here is a man that has shown me the woman I was supposed to be, he believed in me long before I believed in myself in many ways help me become the woman I AM today. He has always seen my true essence, my true light shining even in darkness, he has helped me overcome so many hurdles, I truly am grateful for what he gas given to me and of course quite saddened as to why we cant seem to just make it work. There is love there and I know he cares for me much, he just isn’t ready for a relationship. For whatever reason, I cant comment on the “why” . All I know and all that I AM sure of is that I AM. It’s hilarious because when he was I wasn’t sure and that confused things there, I know that’s because I didn’t fully know myself, I was unsure and uncertain of my own existence, I have now gone through some serious self development to become this woman, the only way is up.

Loving ourselves isn’t easy, but we must choose ourselves over everything, even if its going to cost us friendships, relationships, careers, money, material things. I have learned the hard way, I can’t go back and change the ways of my past, I can reflect, review and step boldly into an unknown future knowing “I got me” nobody got me like that, I have designed this new version of me. And she deserves the world and man who looks at her everyday like he just won the lottery.
Don’t settle for mediocre, don’t play small in any situation. Right now, I feel complete in knowledge that I have honoured myself in this situation, that I truly wasn’t happy so I did something about it. 

Here’s a few things to look out for, to determine whether you have a future together.

1. He/She is committed to plans, makes plans, suggest plans, honours those plans and his/her word in regard to the plan.

2. They are open and honest in regards to their feelings towards you

3. They can talk /express themselves easily especially when it come to feelings.

4. They actively engage in meaningful conversations that promote a “presence”when you are together 

5. They talk about a future with you

6. They are willing to see your perspective on life and accept you for who you are

7. They express their love for you and are happy to declare it to others

8. They show real interest in your life and what you are doing 

9. They make effort to compliment you

10. They show gratitude and appreciation for you.

Here’s just a few, and its only my perspective but after many years of toxicity and failed relationships I have realised until you value yourself no one is going to value you. 

So God/Goddess whatever you may don’t you dare shrink into a place of comfort. You deserve to live each day full of possibility and magic! Even if its only YOU who lights up your life.



If you looking to get more clarity about who you are and even move past your own pain from a break up then you might be interested in my 7 day Queendom Challenge 

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The Lords Prayer and what it really means, time to wake up to your true self 

I never thought I would be able to explain what had happened to me all those years ago without people thinking I was crazy, even I thought I was crazy. How could I tell people I had died gone to the other side seen the white light? Truth is it scared me what I knew and what I had seen and what happened to me. So I sat in silence and I just went on with my life the only way I knew how. I honestly didn’t want to talk about it because I was scared of death, I AM in a higher space now, nothing scares me because I AM creating this reality, why should I fear myself and my own life? I chose to be here to have this human experience. 
What I didn’t know was why it was valid and why I had to experience it,and what was to come after which turns out was twenty years or so of darkness( and this was necessary too). I really don’t think I would be the person I am today without that darkness and it’s the very reason I share what I share and do what I do. So I can now be the lighthouse for lost souls who are still searching for the light in the darkness. It makes my suffering all that worthwhile, knowing I can make a difference in people’s lives.

Do you ever feel that everything happens for a reason and your exactly where you are supposed to be in life? 

Despite all things that have happened to you in the past?

I hope so and if not , don’t worry, there will be a time where it all makes sense and even if it doesn’t , just know that there are people who are rooting for you, believing in you, and want you to win and I am one of them. In my early twenties I spent a lot of time in church it’s something I talk about in my forthcoming book. It helped me massively because I drank a lot and did drugs from a young age and it was a sense of community which I really needed at the time. Sadly some things occurred within the church that deterred me away from being there, but I didn’t lose my belief I always believed I had guides helping throughout life. 

The Lord’s Prayer has always helped me through life, the words have always comforted me although I don’t consider myself religious at all because I believe religion has only really separated us from us. The really divine is within and that’s how Reiki significantly shifted my perception and aligned with what happened to me on that night way back 1994. It was something that took 20 years for me to figure out and something at the time was very frightening. I had my Kundalini awakened when I took LSD. My consciousness went into pure white light ( which I believed I left this dimension, I basically died) it didn’t last long but it was as you can imagine life changing. I did in fact suffer psychological effects for many years due to my lack of knowledge and so I do believe we should awaken the kundalini gently. 

Because by GOD its a force. 

What is Kundalini? 

Kundalini (Sanskrit: कुण्डलिनी kuṇḍalinī, About this sound pronunciation , “coiled one”), in the concept of Dharma, refers to a form of primal energy (or shakti) said to be located at the base of the spine. Different spiritual traditions teach methods of “awakening” kundalini for the purpose of reaching spiritual enlightenment and a range of supernormal powers. Writer Joseph Campbell describes the concept of Kundalini as “the figure of a coiled female serpent—a serpent goddess not of “gross” but of “subtle” substance – which is to be thought of as residing in a torpid, slumbering state in a subtle center, the first of the seven, near the base of the spine: the aim of the yoga then being to rouse this serpent, lift her head, and bring her up a subtle nerve or channel of the spine to the so-called “thousand-petaled lotus” (Sahasrara) at the crown of the head… Crown Chakra.

She, rising from the lowest to the highest lotus center, will pass through and wake the five between, and with each waking the psychology and personality of the practitioner will be altogether and fundamentally transformed.”
Kundalini awakening is said to result from deep meditation, and consequently enlightenment and bliss.However, as each individual is unique, Kundalini awakenings can happen through a variety of methods not limited to deep meditation. This awakening involves the Kundalini physically moving up the central channel to reach within the Sahasrara Chakra at the top of the head. Many systems of yoga focus on awakening Kundalini through meditation, pranayama breathing, the practice of asana and chanting of mantras.In physical terms, the Kundalini experience is frequently reported to be a feeling of electric current running along the spine. And this I have experienced many times now as a Reiki practitioner , its possible to achieve this through Yoga, mine was rudely and forcefully awakened by LSD in which I believe was all part of my blueprint. 

Was Jesus a Yogi?

I truly believe every master who has walked this Earth and shared knowledge had to know himself, they knew wholeheartedly that
they were the way, the truth and the light
Its YOU , the holy trinity MIND, BODY AND SOUL 
The connection to the Lords Prayer and The Chakras makes perfect sense and Jesus finding of his truth were shared throughout the land. 

But not everyone gets it? 

Because the Third Eye is pretty much closed to many humans who are unaware that they are creating this reality and so therefore their minds are limited so if you are reading this take no offence, use logic to come to sense and take a different view, after all life is only perspective………


Which way will you go will depend on who you are


I have always believed my early connection to Christianity and my death experience and the fact that I AM the woman I AM today was no coincidence. The night in question I was with two men, neither of them I knew but a friend knew them and I believe them to be earthbound angels, in fact I was go as far as to thinking that night in question was planned long before I set foot on this precious Earth. 

There is an interesting connection between ‘Our Lord’s Prayer’ and the Chakra System. The Lord’s Prayer is extremely venerated by Christians/Catholics alike, as this prayer was an original given to Jesus by God to teach his disciples. 

However, there is an interesting theory that finds a curious link between this prayer, and 7 CHAKRAS 

First, lets investigate the Chakra system. 

The 7 chakras start from the top of your head, and work their way down to the base of your spine. 


Sanskrit Name: Sahsarara

Colour : Violet

Opposite : Yellow

Element: Cosmic Energy

Sense: Thought/ Seventh Sense

Note: B

Endocrine Glands: Pituitary and Pineal

Essential Oils: Frankincense, Sandlewood, Benzoin

Crystals: Amethyst, Diamond , Clear Quartz

Foods: Violet foods, Aubergines, Purple grapes

Keywords: Dedicated, Idealistic, Intuitive, haa oneness with infinite. Spiritual, has perception beyond space and time. Open to the divine.Compassion, Spiritual love, non attached loving.

Anxiety, Depression, Coma, Amnesia, headaches, Migraine, Stroke, Brain Tumour, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Attention Deficit Disorder, ALS ( Lou Gehrig Disease) Mental Illness, Schizophrenia ,Multiple Personality Disorder. Insanity, mental health issues. Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease , Learning Disabilities

Lesson: Knowingness– The right to aspire. 
Dedication to the divine consciousness and trusting the universe. Learning about one’s spirituality. Our connection to the concept of “God” or a higher intelligence. Integrating one’s consciousness and subconsciousness into the superconsciousness


Sanskit Name: Anja

Location: Forehead, in between the eyes.

Colour: Indigo 

Opposite: Orange

Element: Light

Note: A

Endocrine Glands: The Piuitary/The Pineal

Crystals: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli,Purple Flourite, Moonstone, Clear Quartz

Essential Oils: Frankincense, Cedarwood,Marjoram, Juniper,Clary Sage, Rosemary, Sandalwood

Foods: Blue and Violet food such as Plums, blueberries, purple cabbage, purple potatoes, blackberries,Eggplant,Purple peppers and kale

Keywords: Intuition, integration, tolerance, psychic skills, insight and imagination, spirituality, self realisation, clarity, clairvoyance, soul-realisation, comprehension, idealism 
If your third eye is under active you will probably have difficulty in understanding the spiritual side of the world and the connection between your inner and outer reality. You may lack empathy for the people in your life, lack common sense, or intuition. Memory and learning can be affected if the third eye is not balanced
Illness :Insomnia,Headaches,Migraines,Upper frontal sinus conditions,Hay fever,Allergies Neurological disturbances,Bad eye sight,Glaucoma,Hallucinations,Cataracts Macular Degeneration,Blindness,Stroke Haemorrhage 


Sanskit: Visuddha

Colour : Blue

Opposite: Red

Location: Throat region
Element: Ether

Sense: Hearing

Note: G sharp

Endocrine Glands: The Thyroid

Essential Oils: Lavender, Chamomile, Geranium, Frankincense, Sandlewood, Cypress

Crystals: Turquoise, Aquamarine, Chrysola

Foods: Plum, Blueberries

Key Words: contented, centered, intuitive, communication, calmness, loyality, aspirations,gentleness, reliability

Illness:Thyroid or hearing problems,Teeth or gum problems/disease,Blocked by miscommunication and lies,Lack of purpose in life,Unable to express themselves fully,Fear of speaking the truth,TMJ ( Temporomandibular joint ,Disorder of the jaw,Swollen glands in the Throat,Neck problems,Chronic Childhood Tonsillitis,Ear infections,Thyroid Cancer, hashimotos,Grave disease,Chronic Sinus problems 


Sanskrit: Anahata 

Colour : Green and Pink

Opposite: None needed as it balanced and centred

Element: Air

Sense : Touch

Note : F Sharp

Endocrine Glands: The Thymus
Essential Oils: Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Neroli,Lavender, Melissa , Rose

Crystals: Adventurine, Jade, Rose Quartz
Foods: Cabbage, Brocolli, Green Apples, Celery, Herbs, Cucumber

Illness: Congestive Heart Failure, Heart attack , Mitral valve prolapse ,Chest pain , Arteriosclerosis, Peripheral Vascular insufficiency, Asthma, Shortness of breathe, Allergies, Lung Cancer, Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Emphysema, Breast Cancer and breast disorders such as mastitis or cysts. Immune system deficiencies .Circulation problems, tension or pain between the shoulder blades. Shoulders,arms and hand issues. Such as carpal tunnel, Apnea, Thymus issues and anti social behaviour.


Sanskrit: Manipuraka

Colour: Yellow

Opposite: Violet

Element : Fire

Sense: Sight

Note : E

Endocrine Glands : The Pancreas, Liver, Gall Bladder, Lower/Mid back.

Animal Totem: Humming Bird

Position: Above Navel

Essential Oils: Lemon, Lemongrass, Ginger, Black Pepper, Peppermint, Rosemary

Crystals: Citrine, Amber, Yellow Topaz
Foods: Yellow Skinned fruits and vegetables such as Sweetcorn, Lemons, Bananas, Carbohydrates ( High Energy foods)

Keywords: Outgoing, Cheerful, Radiant, Warm, Humourous, Strong sense of self, Relaxed, Spontaneous, Expressive

Illness: Food Allergies, Diabetes, Depression, Mental and Physical exhaustion. Liver problems including Cirrhosis, Hepatitis and Liver cancer. Problems with Pancreas including diabetes and hypoglycaemia.  Digestive difficulties and disorders. Gallstones, Hiatal Hernia , Hemorrhoids, Varicose Veins. Problems with Spleen.


Sanskrit: Svadisthana

Colour: Orange

Opposite: Indigo

Element: Water

Sense: Taste

Note: D

Endocrine Glands: The adrenal/gonads

Essential Oils: Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage, Geranium, Patchouli, Clary Sage, Rose

Crystals: Coral, Tigers Eye, Carnelian

Foods: Orange skinned fruits and vegetables. Oranges and Apricots, Butternut Squash, Punpkin, Carrots, Sweed, Peaches.

Keywords: Creative, Sociable, Enthusiastic, Happy, Independent, warm, optimistic, self- assured, imaginative, concerned for others , utilisation of creative forces for all aspects of being.

Illnesses:Ulcerative Colitis, Appendicitis, Chronic Low back pain, Sexual disfunction, Impotence. Diverticulitis, Crohns Disease, Bladder and Urinary Infections, Endometriosis, Pelvic inflammatory disease.


Sanskrit: Muladhara

Colour: Red

Opposite: Blue

Element: Earth

Sense: Smell

Note: C

Endocrine Glands: The gonads/adrenal
A mans sexual organs are located primarily in the root chakra. A woman’s primarily in the second chakra, so this is why women’s sexual energy is associated with emotions.

Essential Oils: Vetiver, Cedarwood, Myrrh, Frankincense, Patchouli, Benzoin, Sandlewood. 

Crystals: Garnet, Obsidian, Smokey Quartz

Foods: Red skin fruits and vegetables, Red peppers, tomatoes, and strawberries.

Keywords: Grounding, Strength,Survival, Courage, Life force, Vitality, Sexuality, Passion, Fight or flight, Centre for physical energy and vitality. Connection with the Earth. Centre of manifestation in the physical plane.
Illness:Eating Disorders /Malnourishment Problems with Legs, Feet, Coccyx,Rectal or Colon Cancer,Bone or Immune related diseases and disorders,Osteoporosis or Bone disorder,Spaciness , Anxiety and Chronic fear Materialism,Instability, Fibromyalgia 

The Our Lord’s Prayer has several different versions, see: The Enochian Ritual, but for this connected “dot” the prayer is as follows

Our Father who art in Heaven

Hallowed be Thy Name

Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done 
On Earth as it is in Heaven 

Give us this day our daily bread

 And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive                  those who trespass against us

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil
For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory

Forever, and ever Amen

Now if we combine the Chakra system with the Lords prayer, we get a connection that has fascinated me, therefore I share with you
Our Father who art in Heaven” + Crown Chakra 

As above so below , this is establishing the connection to the concept of GOD or higher intelligence. Integrating one’s consciousness and subconscious into the superconsciousness 

“Hallowed be Thy Name” + Third Eye Chakra 
The Third Eye gives us vision , this sight allows us to see that we are truly creating this reality, this is the sacred space of GOD the creator. 

Hallowed is the name, because the sight of the third eye gives us the vision to establish the understanding that to truly name God is impossible.

 “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done” + Throat Chakra:

Abracadabra is the definition of I create what I speak, the Throat Chakra is Ether, Communication, living your truth. Being mindful of your Throat Chakra in conjunction with the will of your words is what is being said here. Your will your way ( You are the way, the truth, the light)
On Earth as it is in Heaven” + Heart Chakra: 
Jesus had a fully awakened heart, he was balanced in his heart chakra living a heaven on Earth because he lived from his heart. In many ancient cultures the congruent notion of the sacred heart is not separate The confusion is that his heart was THE sacred heart, but the Heavenly truth is that we all have the ability to awaken the divine spark within us. This is “gnosis” – connecting the below, to the above, the within to the without. Making Heaven on Earth, by living truly in our hearts.


“Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us” Solar Plexus Chakra 
The Solar Plexus gives us the right to think and take action on our desires, like the third eye, is another center of intuition – but it is the intuition center for ego based conflict. This is our Personal power and a balance of intellect, self-confidence and ego power. We must keep our egos in check , of course we need our Egos don’t let anyone tell you any different but the ability to have self-control is necessary.

The “Daily bread”, can be viewed at as the “spiritual nutrition” from source, to keep us in alignment with our etheric selves, as opposed to the egotistical Earth nature that can lead us astray. Forgiveness of others is the “food of the gods”. The Solar Plexus is all about movement and energy where the first two chakras meet to create action, without good sources of high energy foods we lack so daily bread can be interpreted this way.

 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil” + Sacral Chakra

We can often get caught up in our feelings and an imbalance can cause us to be led into temptation. We need to have a balance socially, and be more aware of ourselves. Lack of positive creativity leads us into evil because we become idle ( The Devil makes work for idle)
A balanced Sacral Chakra will gives us self awareness, independence, flow of creativity , sexuality and passion, overactivity can cause us to get too up in our emotions and lose track of our purpose, the Sacral Chakra and the Third Eye work really well together, to create Heaven on Earth this is where purpose and passion meet clarity and vision so you are constantly expanding and creating a better life for yourself.
Connecting to this chakra, and part of the prayer, is a reminder to honor your feelings, and be gentle to yourself. When a bad feeling presents itself, identify it, do not drown it in sorrow or mask it with one of the 7 deadly temptations of sin (the antitheses of the chakras).

 “For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory. Forever, and ever Amen” is Root Chakra.

There is no separation, the meat suit and GOD is one, Thine is the Kingdom.To know thyself, is to know God. You were created by the creator to be creative, which is the ultimate act of Godness. The capacity for creation is infinite (forever, and ever), and remembering the path and purpose of your person is the ultimate Holy communion.

For me this knowledge and this connection draws me closer and closer to oneness and to myself, for many years I was confused, lost in the darkness struggling to figure out life. When truly I only really needed to know myself and that is what the Chakras have taught me. They say Reiki finds you and they were so right, eventually I became the woman I was born to be so I can spread my light across the land and become the being I needed to be for all mankind. 
This prayer is an artform and now I have my view on it, I will give it reverence and honour because this kind of communion is the kind of communion I can dig with. I will visualise, feel , connect with each word and live this life based on these words and chakras daily. 
Nothing you can’t be or do, nothing you can’t achieve. I pray for the day we all get that revelation 
With Love

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Money Makes the World Go Around But It Really Wont Make You Happy 

Lets face it most of think money can solve most of our problems, It wasn’t like I wasn’t one of them. Growing up on welfare with a single mother who earned extra cash cleaning wealthy people’s houses. This was my life from a very young age, we lived paycheck to paycheck, I AM pretty sure most of us can relate to this.
Of course we really shouldn’t be a slave to a bit of paper 



For as long as I can remember I have been told that get yourself an education so you can get yourself a job. Because thats all we are here to do right? 


So what are you here to do? 

What does your soul say? 

How do you feel about the work that you do? 

Does it light you up? 

Does it give your life meaning?

My GOD I only wish I knew half of the knowledge I have now in terms of what I AM here to do.

Create is what you are here to do! 

THAT’S IT! Eureka 💡

Do you feel free? I had a conversation with a friend recently she decided to embark onto the corporate world after longing for a proper job for a while. Usually her ways of making an income we’re dancing at a strip club ( which I think is empowering and sexy as fuck ) for her the outside world was forcing her to conform and get a real, normal, traditional or conventional job. 

What the fuck is normal anyway?

Since when does anyone else have a say in what you should or shouldn’t be doing with your time here on this planet!


I would like to keep this brief but I feel like I AM really going to have to go deep on this one so that those who are willing to hear WILL get revelation. 

So who are you?

The end of last year sitting on a plane I decided I wanted to write a short ebook about this very subject. I wanted to share with the world some knowledge of Reiki and the Chakras with the world. This is the very knowledge that made me become a millionaire and manifest the lives of my dreams.


What really pisses me off that this knowledge is not taught to us, like who are you as a human being? 

What do you make your life mean?

There are many steps to enlightenment but the first stage is understanding who you are in connection to Earth, you are part of the Earth, Mother Earth. You will return to the Earth when you die. You first connection to life is in the Root Chakra, this is your connection to life through your mother/father. In this Chakra support, strength and safety is found as the Earth and your parents comfort you. But as you go into the Sacral Chakra this is where you find your independence and own creative life force. Empathy and awareness is governed by this Chakra. 

When we find creativity we find BIG MAGIC 

I AM not going to focus past these two chakras I want you to gain real clarity and revelation in these two chakras, because we rarely evolve past these two chakras and step into our power. I understand humans want practical steps to follow so let me REALLY clear on how to get to step into your highest form.

Firstly we need to lose attachment to stuff. 

The Root Chakra is blocked by fear, worry, materialism. Ways to balance the Root would be to budget your cash flow, spend time with family, eat nourishing food that supports your system and to know you are supported by the universe.

The Root is where live begins and where all the other Chakras have a solid foundation to build on. This is where we feel supported and able to deal with whatever life throws at us. 

Secondly you need to get really creative. 

What do you want to do with your life?

If there was no limits, what would you wake up everyday and do. NOW don’t play small, don’t doubt yourself. One year ago I couldn’t imagine having the life I have now. Mostly because I have time freedom over money freedom, which in my opinion is more valuable. Now we are here to create but more importantly we are here to co create. 

So lets get along please……
In the Sacral Chakra we find Compassion, Empathy, Self awareness and independence 
Of course we need to have more compassion for each other, it makes the world a better place but we also need huge amount of discernment ( which is covered in the Third Eye) but try and be kind to each other because none of us really know what’s going on in each other’s lives.
Empathy is the same, I think the more I have searched within to discover myself, I have learnt so much about who we all are as humans. Sympathy isn’t Empathy so be careful who you feel sorry for. You might not ever know what that person is experiencing and you might not ever experience that, but its like putting yourself in their shoes and feeling what they are feeling, it makes for better human connections. I think we should all be taught empathy in schools on a much deeper level.
Self awareness is HUGE! For someone who actively promotes self awareness I have to know myself. I mean really know myself and know what I AM here to do, if you been following me for sometime you will know my story. You will know of the darkness that I have encountered throughout my life. But this has in fact been the making of me, and has made me have deeper more meaningful connections with humans from all walk of life… because EMPATHY!

Independence , we all want it and in fact we seek it from a young age, and quite rightly we should have it to some degree. What often happens is parents, teachers and society force us to be a certain way from a young age. They don’t encourage us to really live our truths. To really connect to the beings we are and find out who we are in a creative way. I think as a young girl I was into many things, some of the things I now see in my child, also I AM a big visual learner. 

I can learn more in a ten minute demo/video then I ever will with you talking to me SHOW ME and I will get it done. My son is the same and there’s no right or wrong to it, we are all very unique and have much to offer this world when we understand our true potential.
I think for me it’s frustrating to see so many people waste talent and potential due to lack of self belief AND chasing things that have nothing to do with their goals!

So in the book of life, you get to hold the pen, you get to decide what you want to be and how you should live your life. 


Life is already so short, don’t waste any more time doubting yourself or your potential. Don’t chase the money it is a dangerous path that leads to nowhere fast! I have watched friends and loved ones sacrifice so much over money and so called STATUS!

At what point do you say enough is enough! I wont sell my SOUL for a piece of paper, I won’t sell my freedom to satisfy my flesh.
For me personally TIME freedom is more valuable then MONEY freedom. Remain optimistic, live with purpose, integrity, authenticity and it will take you further than most!

Don’t sell yourself short, contribute wherever you can to this life and show others 


All the love

New Moon in Leo and Solar Eclipse, time to do and dare

Well yes! We have all been waiting for it!

The most exciting celestial affair is happening TODAY! A New Moon in Leo and a TOTAL Solar Eclipse I have only twice in my whole life properly seen a Lunar Eclipse, and it definitely is a spectacular affair.Sadly I am the wrong side of the pond to enjoy. This is the second New Moon in Leo and we will be sure to feel it’s radiance even more a second time around. 

On a personal level you may have felt the shift, a surge of action combined with Mercury retrograde to assist in any completions.

This supercharged New Moon will bring you plenty, just don’t delay on the action use this energy wisely. This months is no different to the last one just be more sure of what you want and don’t hold back. 

Read last months New Moon blog post here

A Solar Eclipse is when the Sun and the Moon have a kiss in heaven and we get to view it from Earth. Of course this can only happen when there is a New Moon, their usual monthly meet up. The energy from this Eclipse will have you shifting in every direction you need to go with a force of creativity and action. We know last months energy got you started , got intentions set, empowered you to actually take some action. You may have recognised you have talents and skills and the world needs that talent

This New Moon I need you to be braver and more fierce with your approach, set the bar higher and continue to use this Solar Energy to create more movement. 

  • Its not enough for you to just dream! I need you to take big action!
  • Use this energy to be louder, clearer and more desirable with your wishes 
  • I want to see the vision of your future and run into it. Bold and courageous just like the lion!
  • Stand strong in your truth my friends, you are here for great purpose 

The third eye is always showing us before we have it, we have to be willing to believe before we see.

You NOW have to be ready to act as though you already have it, to stay congruent and firm in knowledge that everything is exactly happening the way it totally should. 
Be determined to succeed in this life, unwavering with your hearts desires 

Click here to learn about setting New Moon intentions  

Time is NOW! Feel it , own it, let your heart lead the way. 

Show up everyday for yourself and the universe will meet you and make it so! Eclipse will accelerate our growth, and force us to go past our comfort zone. Don’t resist, use this tenacious energy to take real action! Use this energy to put serious plans into action, this life is yours, your choice your desires! Set some serious New Moon intentions. 

Are you self sabotaging your life with limiting beliefs? 

YOU have to believe in yourself. If you don’t no one else will. You also have to be willing to stand up for ourselves, with passion and purpose. Life doesn’t have a purpose or a meaning except what you create! So dream as big as you can. There are many alternatives to what your future can be based on your choices. Choose wisely and carefully, and live as if its already happening 

The consequences of this Eclipse will last for some time, so what we decide to be or how we decide to act must be something we are certain of. Eclipse effects can last upto 6 months. I have been using this energy combined with Mercury’s current Retrograde cycle in Virgo/Leo to connect deeper with my tribe, remove things from my past that are restrictive and toxic and oppressive. 

Whatever has been coming up for you, trust your intuition to lead you into the place you need to be. 
                             Trust yourself 

My 7 week Chakra balancing program is now available, a complete guide to Reiki, Chakras, Alignment, understanding essential oils and crystals and how you can start to live this life with purpose and give meaning to it.

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All my love 

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.

The universe reveals many hidden secrets to me. In quite forceful ways, I have noticed this over the years. I think I sometimes I  don’t see the message until it’s plain right dangling inside of my vision, like my Third Eye is throbbing and my guides are ringing in my ears. 

For years I have wanted to fix the people. 
Why? Because I was broken and what I saw in others was the part I still needed to fix in myself. 

We are mirror images of each other. 
Some of us have been given tremendous foresight and sometimes we just had to have the patience to watch things play out in slow motion. And that’s mindfulness right there. We want things and we want them now. I get that and although I am aware of it when I find I am getting impatient with my son or people around me or when things are always going my way. I see that I need to work on that. 

My son is very impatient and I find myself feeling frustrated with his impatience. I also understand he is me and I am him. So if I see something I don’t like it’s usually a part of me that needs working on. Past month or so my psychic abilities have been getting more activated. I have been having visions and getting messages from all sorts of people. New people have been arriving in my life, some are just for a short season but whatever comes let them come and whoever goes let them go. Many times people come into your life and some are just for a short stay to teach you something and then move on. Some stay for a while and some never leave. I have small circle of loyal and trust worthy people, who many have been through the good and bad times with me. I think that’s all you need in life, but I have many people I know and many fans/followers since embracing my work here on this planet. 

I am a healer and restorer and my purpose is to bring balance, love and harmony to this planet. But first I must restore balance, harmony and peace into my own life. As light workers we see the need to heal others. But we must understand that some people do not wish to be healed. So we heal the parts of us that we need to heal in them, release and move on. Because the time we have here is limited. Cutting the cord is very necessary, so you can move forward in life. Find new love, deal with grief, process the loss, but generally lose the attachment to beings or things, or events that have occurred. Letting go of our past is very necessary, so we can be more present to our everyday lives. 

How we are, the way we think, the way we act and how we feel about ourselves. 

It’s also very important to know your birth struggle to identify it, fix it, release and move on. What’s a birth struggle you say? The problem in the world is that many of us have been unaware of birth struggles, when we don’t know the birth struggle we cannot fix it. Birth struggles occur at birth, your first contact with life. 

Identifying your birth struggle 

 • Illegitimate, Unwanted or Unplanned

 • You were born past your due date 

 • The labour was long and slow 

 • You were induced at birth 

 • You were born by a Cesarean 

 • You had to be extracted with forceps

 • You were exposed to drugs 

 • You were born breech, posterior or Transverse 

 • You were attempted abortion /Adopted

 • You were born a twin

 • You are an orphan 

You can find out more about birth struggles here on my podcast show Royal Treats. 

We are very much blinded to our greatness not just the ugliness, we need to be fully aware of our shadow so that it doesn’t consume us and keep us in a state of fear. My gifts have given me insight and foresight, I know my path because I am creating it,  I AM calling into existence everything that I AM and everything that I want. By the power of my thought and intentions and taking action on those. Faith without works is dead, we can all dream the dream.. but only those who use their power and show up everyday get BIG results in their life. 

Extraordinary beings don’t sit around waiting for the magic to happen. That get creating, they visualise what they want and they get it. The problem is staying in the Magic, when you are surrounded by beings who are more ordinary and like living in a their comfort it doesn’t stretch or expand your consciousness. You need to find people who vibrate on the same frequency so you can grow, evolve and expand together. I have noticed this is my many relationship fails. I have picked people wanted to fix but I see the pattern now so I won’t repeat it anymore. Of course the work I do you might believe thats part of my job title. I AM a healer, right? Doesn’t that fix people? 
Well technically Yes and No! In the beginning of my healing career thats what I would of had you believe, I felt honoured, privileged, humbled even. But now I see it differently, don’t come to me for fixing, I just can’t do it. And here’s why… its takes the responsibility off of you and puts it on me, No thanks, I have enough responsibilities of my own and with my ever growing students, I just didn’t want that responsibility. What I do is hold enough space for you to discover who you who you are, give guidance, shed light, but I cannot get attached to any outcomes because ultimately its your choice, if you are self sabotaging your own life, I can say “Hey, your doing that thing again!” I will do my best to facilitate and some will absolutely get it others will continue to believe that they have no power on their life and go through the motions. I pray that I AM able to make some big impact on peoples lives whilst I AM here on this planet. 

But this is your life, YES YOUR LIFE……


Something I AM teaching my son because I want him to know from now, the choices he makes are his, if he messes up, thats all on him.A great way of looking at it is this, you are not a tree your not rooted in one place, you are free to take yourself wherever you want and plant yourself into a new life formed by intentions, habits, new ways of thinking 


I wrote my autobiography, just got it done, not much talking, lots of DOING. Super proud and now moving onto a new book talking about Reiki.Look at your life, look at who you are, who you associate with, where you live, what you look like, think about the things you say about yourself and others. 

Is it positive? 

Do you complain?

Do you want more?

Do you feel stuck in time, repeating same mistakes over and over?

Do you want to change?

Change is possible for all of us, I mean I never thought I could change my life around from the woman who partied until 5am to the girl who rises with the sun and gives gratitude to it.

I will be going live over on my Facebook most days , check out my page here and drop me some love in comments let me know what you think?

My Aligned and Divine 7 week Chakra program is on SALE NOW! Click here to purchase 

Super excited to share with you all and help you achieve all your hearts desires in this life. Life has no meaning, it serves you. Go and get really clear on who you are and what you want to show the world.

Happy Sunday 
All my love